7 Best Cryptos to Buy Now 2nd November – TON, DOGE, D2T, BAT, IMPT, CHZ, RIA, THETA


The crypto markets have been recovering well over the past week or so, with sentiment having been boosted by Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, market participants speculating that the Fed will not continue to raise rates (and may soon pivot) and speculation that the crypto bear market may be over, with Bitcoin already having bottomed at $17,500. Many are wondering what the best cryptos to acquire at this stage of the bear market are, and there are certainly many interesting options to explore.


TON is the native asset of the Toncoin ecosystem, which is a layer one blockchain hoping to onboard as many people as possible into the crypto space.

The main selling points of the blockchain are the low transaction fees, high speeds, and the fact that it is environmentally friendly.

Over the last few years the project has gone from strength to strength, processed tens of millions of transactions and onboarded over 1.4m wallets.


Dogecoin has once more been making the headlines after Elon’s acquisition of Twitter sent the price skyrocketing.

Over the last week, the price of DOGE has risen 118% in the last seven days.

This hasn’t just been fuelled by the fact that the community is happy about Elon buying such a large social media company, which is sure to boost his public image, but also the fact that there is speculation that the recently-announced subscription fee for Twitter verification could be paid in DOGE.

Yesterday, Elon announced that anyone on the planet would be allowed to verify themselves on Twitter, in an attempt to make it dramatically more difficult for bots to operate on the platform.

Currently, this fee can only be paid in native fiat currencies, but it could well come to pass that, given Elon’s support for the digital currency (and the fact that he has alluded to DOGE taking a larger role in Twitter in the future), DOGE is integrated into the platform.

D2T – the best crypto trading platform?

Dash 2 Trade is also a top trending project today as the presale has now surpassed the $4m mark.

The crypto trading signals platform offers a range of features to retail traders, and is positioning itself as the “Bloomberg terminal for crypto”, except without the extortionate $30k yearly subscription fee.


Basic Attention Token hopes to use blockchain to change the advertising industry, by rewarding people in BAT for the adverts that they watch.

BAT is particularly popular amongst users of the Brave browser, and has been growing at a phenomenal rate in terms of network usage, despite the fact that the crypto bear market has largely destroyed the price.


IMPT has been gaining more traction as the presale is now closing in on the $12m mark.

Championing a new era of green crypto innovation, IMPT hopes to reward its users for shopping responsibly with companies that have high ESG scores in exchange for carbon credits.

Anyone who wishes can still participate in the IMPT presale on their website, and stay up to date with the latest announcements on Telegram.


Chilliz is a project centred around changing the fan experience, particularly when it comes to fans of football and other team sports.

The Chilliz blockchain facilitates a range of opportunities for ways to clubs and sports people to monetise their brand, and to engage more proactively with their fans.

Moreover, it allows for clubs to launch their own club tokens, over which they are able to retain control to shape and develop their communities more proactively.

Over the last few months, Chilliz has continued to onboard more clubs to their ecosystem, and has risen dramatically in popularity when compared with rivals such as Sorare.

RIA – the best play to earn gaming ecosystem?

Calvaria’s native token RIA is a fundamental part of the Calvaria ecosystem, and is used not only as a reward for those participating in the play to earn ecosystem, but also to shape the future of the project via the Calvaria DAO.

Currently, the presale is 85% through the third stage, and has now raised $1.15m to develop the project going forward.

The price increases gradually at each stage, meaning that once this stage is completed the price will rise from 50 RIA per dollar to 40 RIA per dollar.


The Theta Network is focused on providing blockchain infrastructure to help shape the future of the Internet, particularly when it comes to entertainment for media and videos, which require far more bandwidth than more technically simple blockchains, like Bitcoin.

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