Analysts Expect This New Trading Intelligence Altcoin to Bag 30x Gains in 2023


As the crypto market looks set to stage a recovery, the Altcoin Dash 2 Trade or D2T coin is heralded as the next big token in the crypto market by several analysts who believe the asset could pump 30x in 2023.

D2T – Making Crypto Research Simpler

Dash 2 Trade is an ecosystem of robust trading and analytics tools for crypto investors. The platform offers a range of tools that cut across backtesting, social trading and on-chain analysis.

Dash 2 Trade was built by Learn 2 Trade, one of the foremost crypto learning and development platforms, with a network of over 70,000 members. The primary objective of Dash 2 Trade is to make it easier for investors in the crypto market to gain access to high-quality information that they can use to ratify their trading decisions and earn profits from the market.

To that end, it offers a platform that does everything for investors – from notifications about new coins being listed on exchanges to providing access to a full-service trading application program interface (API).

Dash 2 Trade intends to become the “Bloomberg terminal for crypto,” leveraging its developers’ expertise and making it easier for investors to conduct their trading activities.

D2T is the utility token of the Dash 2 Trade network. Users can pay to access Dash 2 Trade’s Starter and Premium service tiers using the token.

The trading platform has completed the first stage of its presales. The D2T team raised $2 million in the first stage. There are nine stages to the Dash 2 Trade presale. Following the successful capital raise, the D2T presale price has now risen from $0.0476 to $0.05.

Growth in the Market Makes D2T Attractive

One of the primary reasons D2T is such an attractive asset is that the crypto market still has inherent value. Despite mounting pressure from the traditional market, crypto remains highly undervalued. And as more inventors troop in, we expect to see prices soar.

One major indicator of growth is the entry of institutions once more.

Over the past few weeks, big players like Bank of New York (BNY) Mellon and BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management firm, have made giant strides in the crypto space. These companies’ entry into the market denotes a broader embrace, which should spur more institutional adoption.

Considering that heightened institutional adoption was one of the catalysts for the previous bull run in the market, a re-emergence of these companies could herald something big on the horizon.

The Trader’s Assistant

With more investors expected to enter the crypto market, Dash 2 Trade is in a good position for significant growth. The platform caters to all types of investors – whether they’re looking to get into the market for the short or long term.

Over the years, the crypto market has become a home for all investors. However, with crypto still being relatively complex, investors require high-value insights into the market. Dash 2 Trade aims to meet these needs while providing a funnel to Learn 2 Trade, where newbie investors can learn more about digital assets.

All of this will be powered by D2T, a resilient ecosystem token. With both platforms expected to see greater adoption, D2T is tipped to surge significantly over time.

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