Learn how LuckyFi is setting the ground to become a huge crypto community

Learn how LuckyFi is setting the ground to become a huge crypto community

Crypto is all about community, and the market exists because a small group of individuals had convictions in decentralized technology. The users make the project what it is, evident in all the DeFi projects that make Ethereum what it is and, of course, bitcoin.

What brings people together to support a project is the actual value and utility it offers. Whether it is ten years ago or something very new, if the project offers a strong use case, individuals will band together to support it.

One project shows others in the market how to do just that: LuckyFi. This project has a unique approach to Web3 marketing, and its features provide benefits to all stakeholders in a way that encourages them to help each other.

How LuckyFi is Winning People Over

It’s important to know what LuckyFi is before learning how it is changing the Web3 landscape. Essentially, LuckyFi is a Web3 marketing platform that provides a suite of fair and transparent activity tools to stakeholders. It is built on the Binance Smart Chain and uses Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to authenticate the winners in its prize pools and raffles. LuckyFi has also been audited by both InterFi audits, given the SAFU Badge, and has also been KYC-audited by Coinscope.

Learn how LuckyFi is setting the ground to become a huge crypto community

Web3 platforms need to have actual value to attract users – and LuckyFi has a lot to offer. For one thing, users can harvest high-value NFTs and tokens at bargain prices. On the developer’s side, they can use this to maximize user participation in activities. This is a win-win for everybody and it doesn’t take much funds or resources to participate on the platform.

The activities themselves relate to prize pools and raffles, which users need entry tickets to join. The tickets are affordable so that there are no barriers to entry for small holders, with each priced at 0.05 BNB. Prizes can take the form of either tokens or NFTs.

LuckyFi is also hosting a $100,000 prize that is currently the biggest prize in the crypto industry at the moment. There is a 1 in 10,000 chance to win this prize and the contest will end in just roughly 50 days. Each entry ticket is worth as low as 0.05 BNB, and the amount of tickets varies according to the particular pool.

Now where the strong community draw comes in is the fact that LuckyFi uses Chainlink’s VRF. This ensures that winners are chosen fairly at random and all choices are verifiable on-chain. Users know that they are participating in something fair. Combined with the low barrier to entering pools, the transparency, and fairness that the VRF offers lead to a platform that is attracting many users.

Learn how LuckyFi is setting the ground to become a huge crypto communityLearn how LuckyFi is setting the ground to become a huge crypto communityLuckyFi offers the option to create both paid and free raffles.

The platform’s native token LUCK is used to pay the cost of creating activities, which can take on diverse forms. To create an activity, projects or communities pay LUCK to set the parameters, such as the minimum participation amount for each user and the number of participants. Creators can not only promote their activities, but they can also earn a margin from creating them. However, if they’d just rather market their project, they can just create a free activity to maximize exposure.

There will be certain requirements to join a free activity, such as holding the necessary tokens, joining Discord, and following the project on Twitter. Once these requirements are met, users can participate for no cost and stand to win the allocated prizes. LuckyFi is quite a flexible platform that opens up marketing possibilities for both pre-launch and post-launch projects with high optionality when it comes to creating activities.

Learn how LuckyFi is setting the ground to become a huge crypto communityLearn how LuckyFi is setting the ground to become a huge crypto communityThe free raffle offers several participation conditions.

LUCK token also plays a role in one of LuckyFi’s biggest USPs when it comes to building a big crypto community: one of the biggest prizes in the crypto market. There is a total supply of 100 million. 30% will be allocated towards the fair launch token sale, which is scheduled for November 1.

LuckyFi is All Set to Explode

Undoubtedly, the community is what determines the success of a project. Teams have to build a platform that engages users and offers benefits to all stakeholders. LuckyFi does just that and looks good to grow exponentially with its unique marketing tools. Soon, we may just see Web3 platforms make good use of what it has to offer to grow their communities.

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