Oryen Recently Earns 100% In Profits For Its Holders, Can Maker And Curve Compete?

Innovations in decentralized finance happen almost daily. However, the resulting abundance poses a challenge for investors to choose the projects with the best value proposition. Among all the uncertainty in current markets, Oryen is setting new standards for passive income in DeFi as one of the most promising projects.

The well-respected and early Safemoon-caller Jim Crypto recently confirmed this in one of his YouTube videos about the staking platform.

Oryen Earns 100% Profits for Its Holders

Oryen’s outstanding features made the ongoing ICO a success and left experts with no choice but to elevate the project into the Top 100 as a severe contender to established projects like Maker or Curve.

Some sought-after features include the Risk-Free Value wallet and the OAT mechanic. In addition, the specialized treasury and RFV wallet are conservative measures that allow Oryen to maintain a buffer value to protect the staking platforms’ value and continuous dividend payouts.

Moreover, the OAT mechanism, which means Oryen Autostaking Technic, helps simplify the staking process, making it easily accessible to beginners and veterans alike. Uniquely, it also guarantees a fixed annual percentage yield (APY) of 90% or 0.177% daily.

As a result, early backers are already up by 100%, with more price increases expected during the ongoing presale.

Can Maker and Curve Compete?

Curve and Maker are decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs, with different signature features. Curve and its native currency CRV is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) and staking protocol. Unlike Maker, which features a lending platform and the stablecoin DAI at its center.

Interestingly, Curve allows investors to avoid more volatile crypto assets while still earning high-interest rates from lending protocols by focusing on stablecoins. In addition, the platform’s model is particularly conservative compared to other AMM platforms, as it avoids volatility and speculation in favor of stability. Overall, this gives Curve an edge over Maker. However, Oryen might be overcoming both in the upcoming years.


With the standard Oryen is about to set for passive income and sustainability in the DeFi space, the project looks undoubtedly promising. However, despite recent gains of early backers during the ICO, the auto-staking platform is still in its early stages and up for grabs at a very low price point.

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