Tamadoge New Common NFT Drop is Live And Could Be the Hottest Collection of 2022

Tamadoge has released Common NFTs, a new collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), on OpenSea. These NFTs are selling fast and could very well be the season’s collection.

Common NFTs Available on OpenSea

Earlier this week, the developers of the Tamadoge gaming ecosystem confirmed that they had launched a collection of Common NFTs.

In an announcement, the gaming developers confirmed that the collection would be hosted on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace in the world. This collection features 20,000 NFTs, which will help players to interact with the upcoming Tamaverse. Tamadoge players can use these tokens to play the game, battling each other and vying for the platform’s TAMA tokens.

Each common NFT comes with background art and the latest fashion trends in the Tamadoge landscape. These NFTs will be available at a floor price of 0.2 ETH. And according to the collection’s OpenSea page, 45 owners have already grabbed NFTs.

The collection is the latest NFT rollout from Tamadoge. Over the past month, the game’s developers have released Rare and Ultra-Rare NFTs, which will be available in the gaming metaverse. The Rare NFTs boost the user’s chances of winning battles by 70% while increasing their digital pets’ speed and agility.

All Tamadoge NFTs represent digital pets that will allow players to participate and interact with the gaming metaverse via desktop and mobile interfaces. Players with the highest scores in the arcade games will also be featured in a leaderboard.

A Great Time to Buy Tamadoge NFTs

Tamadoge is entering a new and exciting field with the launch of these NFTs. And this could be a great time to buy in.

According to a recent report, blockchain games have largely been unaffected by the market downturn – especially those that operate using NFTs. Over 1 million unique active wallets have focused on gaming activities in the second quarter of this year, showing that the market remains healthy.

And with coin prices still bearish, investors can now buy NFTs at discounts and enjoy impressive gains when their values rise.

This NFT collection could be one of the hottest in the market, with impressive functionality and the promise of even more utility when the Tamadoge game and Tamaverse launch.

TAMA & D2T – Perfect for Value-Seeking Investors

Investors can also purchase Tamadoge’s native TAMA token. The digital asset was launched to serve as the primary reward token for players and works as a viable investment option. TAMA is already available on several centralized exchanges, and analysts expect its price to surge as Tamadoge launches additional features.

Investors looking for high-value assets can also consider D2T. The crypto asset, currently available on presale, is the native token for Dash 2 Trade, a research and analysis platform for investors in the crypto market.

Dash 2 Trade users can pay for the service’s Starter and Premium service tiers using D2T.

The crypto market is expected to experience an influx of investors as it flips bullish. And Dash 2 Trade will likely play a critical role in guiding these investors as they make their way in crypto. Value-seeking investors can buy D2T tokens now at $0.05 for future gains.

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