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Tamadoge, launched in the second half of 2022, has skyrocketed in value. Its native token, TAMA, pumped over 1,500% following its listing on centralized exchanges. So far, the project has maintained its roadmap schedule and is rolling out more utilities daily. And it is not slowing down.

Tamadoge: P2E, NFT, and Metaverse Combined

Tamadoge is a P2E initiative that allows players to earn TAMA tokens. On the site, participants can obtain digital pets, which are non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each pet is unique and rare and has different characteristics and capabilities. Players are responsible for catering for these pets and can then use them to battle other players in return for a reward.

Also, the project features a metaverse concept called Tamaverse, which allows players to watch, interact and explore the virtual reality landscape. With this, players can efficiently utilize their Tamadoge NFTs in the metaverse ecosystem.

The Tamadoge team has been delivering on the stated roadmap for the blockchain game. So far, they have launched the P2E meme coin protocol, created an NFT pet store, made initial centralized exchange (CEX) listings, and are currently developing the leaderboard.

OKX, LBank, MEXC Listings and More Expected

After its hugely successful presale, grossing over $19 million, the Tamadoge project focused on launching on CEX platforms. TAMA’s price increased by more than 1,000% to a then-record high of $0.19 due to the project’s listing on well-known Bitcoin exchanges OKX, LBank, and MEXC.

The development team is still working toward more CEX listings to increase the token’s utility and relevance. According to a recent tweet, TAMA would be listed on Bitforex in 48 hours. A major listing could potentially cause a rally in the price of the digital asset.

NFTs Galore

Tamadoge hinges on NFTs, and the platform has launched some digital collectibles in the past few weeks. The project recently launched a collection of 20,000 Common NFTs on the popular NFT marketplace, OpenSea. Holders of these digital collectibles can participate in the P2E ecosystem once the game launches fully in the coming weeks.

Tamadoge had previously launched a collection of Ultra-Rare and Rare NFTs. These collections only feature 1,000 pieces, and each NFT is unique and different.

For holding the Rare NFTs, users get boosted speed, agility, and awareness in the gameplay. Even more so, they receive a 70% chance of appearing on the global leaderboard compared to the Common NFTs collection.

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Tamadoge Is Building Fast; What Is Next?

Tamadoge has completed its three levels of launching the project: releasing its utility token, listing on CEX platforms, and releasing its NFT collections. The Tamadoge team has focused on other key metrics on their roadmap. The next release will be a leaderboard recording the best Tamadoge players weekly. Every week, the best player will be termed the Top Doge for that period.

Aside from this, the P2E arcade game and the Tamaverse would debut towards the end of 2022.

With so much utility and value from the Tamadoge project, this might be an ideal time to buy TAMA tokens. Early-bird investors have already locked in huge profits. With the game close to completion, more investors can partake in its fledgling ecosystem.

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