Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction – Can LUNC Move Higher From $0.0002447 or Time to Look Else Where in Altseason?

Terra Luna Classic Price Chart

Terra Luna Classic continues to chop sideways along the price charts as the price continues to consolidate at the $0.000246 levels. Over the last few weeks LUNC has printed some extremely bearish candles and has sadly crawled back to rank #36 amongst other cryptocurrencies.

Is the Terra Luna Classic trend diminishing and which other altcoins have more potential than LUNC?

Terra Luna Classic Crypto Price Prediction November

Since the price of Terra Luna Classic was rejected at $0.0003164 on the 10th of October LUNC has continued to spiral through a downtrend.

Only recently has LUNC broken out of a bullish reversal pattern known as a falling wedge and began trading within a bullish ascending channel.

Should Terra Luna Classic conform to the ascending channel we could see positive price continuation up to the resistance trendline of around $0.000265 over the next few days.

Luna Classic Ascending Channel

LUNC/BUSD – 4 Hour Time Frame.

A critical support level for LUNC is $0.0002419, upon losing this particular support level the price of LUNC could plummet back down to $0.000281 and perhaps retest even lower levels.

If the bulls are able to regain control, we might be able to see a recovery back towards $0.000316 in November where the price of LUNC was originally rejected early this October.

Source: Google Trends.

Sometimes simple data can display a more powerful story. Google trends is currently reflecting that the search volume and overall popularity is in a downtrend. This could mean that interest or investor appetite as well as trading volume is down – three vital ingredients to spark a bull run.

LUNC could still potentially pump throughout November with enough retail and whale accumulation at these lower price levels, though I do speculate that we will not see any parabolic movements for Terra Luna Classic for the remainder of 2022.

Terra Luna Classic Video Analysis

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) has already gone through the thrill, excitement and euphoria phase of the market cycle this year. This might mean that the bull run for Terra Luna Classic is over, luckily alternative cryptocurrencies exist in the market and many altcoin investors are moving their funds into the Calvaria and Dash 2 Trade presale.

Calvaria P2E Battle Card Game

Calvaria is a play-to-earn battle card game with massive potential and has many bullish unique selling points such as a low market capital of 1,000,000,000 tokens which makes a price target of $0.50-$1 pragmatic upon launch.

Rapidly selling out, Calvaria has almost raised $1,000,000 during a crypto bear market in its presale phase. This reflects massive investor appetite and a large amount of interest.

Aside from being an immersive and captivating play-to-earn game, Calvaria strives to speed up the mass adoption of through its P2E battle card game. The image below also displays many benefits to other P2E battle card games and it is rather clear that Calvaria has the competitive edge here meaning it could see an inflow of volume from other ecosystems and gain the majority of market share.

Source: Calvaria.io

If you are potentially interested in participating in the Calvaria presale you can research the white papers by clicking here.

Dash 2 Trade

Another presale with insane upside potential this crypto winter. Dash 2 Trade provides trading signals, predictions and social analytics to help traders make informed decisions. This allows you as a trader to be exposed to high value opportunities within the rapidly moving crypto markets.

Dash 2 Trade is currently in presale and has raised an astonishing $3,531,514 during this crypto bear market. The hard cap target is set at $40m and at the current pace it is selling tokens it could fully sell it within the next 10-12 weeks.

Source: Dash2Trade.io

The entire ecosystem screams bullish as the platform comprises transparency, scalability, risk consciousness and artificial intelligences to help traders find more prosperity in the crypto markets.

Having been fully audited by Solid Proof and KYC’d by Coinsniper, security is in the forefront of the developers minds too, this means there is no chance of a rug pull occurring so investors can feel safe.

Dash 2 Trade Video Analysis

Tokenomically, Dash 2 Trade (D2T) is also extremely bullish, zero tax on transactions and a very low fixed supply of just 1,000,000,000 tokens meaning $1 is also very possible – there could be a possibility of a 20x from early presale prices.

Interested parties can head over to the official Dash 2 Trade website and convert their Ethereum or USDT tokens into D2T tokens today.


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