This Play 2 Earn Fantasy Card Game is Giving Away $100k And is on Presale Now


Calvaria is a brand new play to earn fantasy card game that is now on stage two of its presale, having now raised almost $400k within a matter of days.

The Calvaria DAO

Unlike many play to earn projects, the team at Calvaria is keen on making use of all that blockchain has to offer, and is working on building the Calvaria DAO in order to further decentralise the project, and to allow participants of the ecosystem to have a more direct say in the future direction of the project.

This means that holders of $RIA will be able to vote on governance decisions made the project, and project will be able to utilise the “hive mind” of its community.

A range of different games, in addition to card games

Calvaria is intent on building a range of different play to earn games in a variety of different styles, including a PVP style that allows players to wager $RIA to battle one another.

Already, the project has develop two games that can be played for free, which can be accessed in the project’s Telegram group. These games are Cabeza Loca and Cabecita, and those who top the leader board in these free games may be eligible for rewards in $RIA when the project goes live.

Participate in the presale and win $100k in $RIA

The presale is live now on the Calvaria website, and investors can participate for the chance to win a prize of $100k in $RIA tokens.

300m $RIA are being sold at the presale, which is being conducted in 10 stages split into 30m $RIA each.

Currently, Calvaria is at the second stage of its presale, with the price at $0.015 per $RIA, but this will increase to $0.02 when the presale enters its next phase.

This means that those who buy at the earlier stages will be able to acquire $RIA far more cheaply than those who participate later on.

Given the recent explosion in the popularity of play to earn gaming, one can expect that the price of $RIA ought to perform well, especially considering that bullish sentiment has begun to return to the markets.

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